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Cool Cuts

From time to time
we will feature an unusual material or technique that we think is "COOL".

Click on the picture to read about our latest "COOL CUT"


CNC Machines:

  • Two large high production CNC routers.
  • Multi position tool changers.
  • 10 horsepower Colombo spindles.
  • Both machines powered by Enroute 3 Pro advanced 3D software.

Let Us Help You

Support Equipment:

  • Table saws
  • Band  saws
  • Hand held plunge and trim routers
  • 90” belt sanders
  • Acrylic strip heaters
  • Automatic component banders
  • Misc. hand tools

Other Capabilities:

  • Light assembly
  • Material storage
  • Design

Why Choose Bold Systems for your outsourcing needs?

  • We invested in capital equipment and skilled operators
    so you don’t have to.
  • We understand machining for manufacturing.
  • We are familiar with a multitude of different materials, and how best to machine each one.
  • We are skilled using the very latest versions of machining software to properly apply the correct strategies for production.

Bold Systems will provide:

  • Quick lead time
  • Precision components at a fraction of the cost of other machining methods.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Pre-production assistance to help you engineer your product for machining and manufacturing.

Outsourcing will:

  • Help level off your production schedule spikes
  • Help you implement LEAN manufacturing principles.
  • Allow you to better control your work flow.
  • Help control your cost by optimizing material through advanced
    part nesting software.
  • Reduce or eliminate rework
  • Eliminate the need to pay overtime or add additional shifts.
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